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Location: Bangalore

Area: 1,10,000 sq.ft.

Sector: IT

Number of Phases: 2



To create an agile workspace that enables collaboration at different levels, ranging from one-on-one interactions to large meetings, whilst ensuring a peaceful and productive environment for those involved in heads down focused work.



Incorporating Dell’s ideals of innovation by designing secluded, semi-secluded, and open spaces to facilitate collaboration, in addition to integrating elements that speak of a contemporary, smart approach to building modern-day workspaces.



From informal lounge areas equipped with AV systems and writing surfaces to light fixtures that achieve low power density, we went the whole nine yards in interlacing innovation into every element in the workspace. While the use of material such as acoustic foam and baffles ensured privacy for those working in silos, built-in benches and step seating were integrated into meeting spaces to alleviate the everyday problem of looking for chairs. With the right mix of spaces that facilitated formal and informal interactions, Dell EMC’s workspace is designed to serve as a productive, collaborative, agile and engaging workplace.


Location: Bangalore/ Pune

Area: 10,28,000 sq.ft.

Sector: IT

Leed Certification: Gold/Platinum

Number of Phases: Campus

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