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Know thy users


Be it the corporate office of a multinational IT firm, the technology centre of an investment bank, or the marketing division of a beverages firm, there isn’t a lot of variety in the workspaces for the most part.


While this homogeneity is as much due to the nature of work itself, we believe it also shows lack of attention-to-detail. Which is why, people selling jeans find themselves in workplaces identical to the ones in which techies immerse themselves in lines of code. This one-workplace-fits-all approach doesn’t do justice to the lives or work of those using those spaces.


We want to change this status quo by designing workplaces tailored to the last detail for the people who use it, and the organization providing that space. In other words, we want to really “know” our users and create a habitat which brings out the best amongst them.


Be it aisle width, special materials for acoustics, or references from culture, we have experimented with just about every element to create workspaces adapted to its users, and adopted as a second home by them. After all, as we remind ourselves, most people spend more of their waking hours in their workplace than they do at home.


Just as designing homes requires understanding those who live there, we dive deep to understand our users and pay attention to every detail behind a workspace. And that is the essence of our design philosophy.

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