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Location: Bangalore

Area: 85,000 sq.ft

Sector: IT

Model: Design and Build



Spread over 85,000 square feet, the workspace was intended to be used by around 600 employees, most of whom were senior engineers. The project had critical handover deadlines that allowed for only 60 days of construction time. The organization wanted to reinvent the way they worked, moving from a formal cubicle-based design approach to a more ambivert design.



Symmetrics’ workspace design for Itron needed to emphasize how staid white walls and rigid lines of workstations can be transformed into a singular environment of inspiration, collaboration, and productivity.



Semi-enclosed collab spaces interlaced with workstation clusters enable employees to work in silos, or as a team, based on their need choice. In addition, the balance between private and shared workspaces has been struck perfectly by employing high-end acoustic materials and subtle visual screens to ensure minimal disturbance to every person involved.

To ensure there is enough space for engineers’ additional R&D equipment, drag and drop clip-on tables with built-in extendable power management systems were deployed.
Itron’s office in Bangalore boasts of multiple playgrounds replete with options such as pool tables, work cafes, aquariums, punching bags, table tennis, and more.
From the use of vivid colors to serve as relaxing visual prompts and bringing in design elements from the Bengaluru Metro, or the word ‘Itron’ being emblazoned across walls in 22 different Indian languages, the workspace builds in a sense of local community in an otherwise eclectic, international workspace.

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