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Location: Bangalore

Area: 3,46,000 sq.ft.

Sector: IT

Leed Certification: Platinum

Model: Design Consultancy

Number of Phases: Campus



Use data-driven design to programme their spatial requirements and expectations in an area spread across 350,000 sq.ft. whilst supplementing their high technological & research requirements.



To design a workspace that’s a testament to Juniper’s philosophy of high-performance and simplicity by using state-of-the-art infrastructure solutions and data-driven design.



A detailed workplace strategy analysis was conducted in their existing offices, both in India and the US to identify accurate and objective feedback on current workplace culture, future community vision, and gaps in existing and needed infrastructure, amenity, and furniture solutions.


Moving from semi-enclosed cubicles to low height desking systems, change in the ratio of types of meeting rooms, the introduction of ad-hoc informal meeting spaces, enhanced natural light, increased recreation to lower the energy usage, encouraging movement and collaboration between floors, the new Juniper facility looks to the future of workplace culture.


Their 100,000 sq.ft., including the labs were designed for loads up to 21 MW of power with In-Row Coolers to support their high cooling needs.




Location: Bangalore

Area: 3,50,000 sq.ft.

Sector: IT

Leed Certification: Platinum

Model: Design Consultancy

Number of Phases: 7

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