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Location: Bangalore

Area: 12,63,000 sq.ft.

Sector: Banking

Leed Certification: Platinum

Model: Design Consultancy

Number of Phases: 2



True to the banking environment the company operates in, we had to develop a sleek design that would ensure a secure environment as well as provide a social and interactive space for improved collaboration.



To go beyond functional design and interlace technology in the many elements integral to a productive, sustainable and smart workplace.



While the primary work area was designed as an open floor plan comprising of low-walled uniform workstations interlaced with multiple breakouts and collaborations spaces, the reception lobby reflected a formal corporate atmosphere that welcomes and serves their customers and partners. An experience center and Technology sandbox were part of the design that encouraged ‘out of the box’ and innovative thinking.

Apart from the requisite collaborative work zones and supporting infrastructure and amenities, the company has a state of the crisis management center, NOC, cyber threat center and a full-fledged 900-seater cafeteria with kitchens and multiple dining options and doubles up as a fully AV equipped and acoustically designed townhall space. Several technological elements were integrated in the design to build a smart campus that enabled hassle-free visitor management, cafeteria services, pathfinders and other employee amenities. 

Wells Fargo was designed as a smart and sustainable campus for a USGBC LEED Platinum rating

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